The Outlaw Dirty Money constitutional amendment will force individuals and organizations to disclose who their donors are and how much they’re spending to influence Arizona’s elections through campaign media expenditures. Here is a summary of the amendment:

Any individual, corporation, partnership or association that spends more than $20,000 for statewide media expenditures supporting or opposing a candidate or a ballot measure, or over $10,000 for a local campaign or ballot measure, is required to identify each original source that contributed $5,000 or more during a two-year election cycle to that expenditure. The Citizens Clean Election commission will enforce these regulations.

Help get petitions signed for this critical cause: 500,000 signatures are needed to comfortably qualify for the 2020 ballot.  Here are several ways to get petitions and to get them notarized:

1: Visit the Yavapai County Democratic Party Headquarters anytime during open hours to get a petition. A notary will be available every Tuesday from 11am-1pm to notarize and check in petitions. If you can’t make it to the office during notary hours, please contact Diane McQueen at 928-699-4308 or email her at diane@outlawdirtymoney.com

2: Thirty minutes before the start of every DWPA, YCDP and Prescott Indivisible meeting, Outlaw
Dirty Money volunteers will be available to check out, notarize and check in petitions.

Visit www.outlawdirtymoney.com to learn more.