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About Us

DWPA Luncheon Meeting

DWPA Luncheon Meeting

The  Democratic  Women  of  the  Prescott Area hosts luncheons featuring political speakers from across Arizona and advocates for issues Democrats feel passionate about such as women’s reproductive rights, domestic violence an healthcare. Our newsletter, emails and presentations inform members on critical issues. We organize petition drives, rapid response campaigns and demonstrations, as well as talking to our elected officials about issues that matter. Our members often volunteer for local, state and national campaigns as well. Subscribe to the DWPA Newsletter on the form at the bottom of this page.

DWPA founder Jerry Emmett 1914-2019.   In memory of Jerry Emmett

DWPA founder Jerry Emmett
In memory of Jerry Emmett

Another key mission is to provide educational scholarships. Each year we provide at least one competitive scholarship to a graduating senior, as well as a scholarship to Emerge Arizona, which trains Democratic women to serve as leaders. Donate to the Women of the Prescott Area!

The Democratic Women of the Prescott Area (DWPA) is a 527 political committee with membership open to any registered Democrat.  Benefits of joining DWPA include automatic membership in both the National Federation of Democratic women and the Arizona Federation of Democratic Women. 
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Marion Pack, Vice Chair

Maria Lynam, Chair

Isabel Cerecedes, Treasurer
Jo Craycraft, Scholarship
Toni Denis, Liaison to AFDW
Judy Dunlap, Website
Kari Hull, Past Chair
Cynthia Jones, Communications
Susan Lanning, Membership
Jan Manolis, Hospitality
Nancy Scharff, Secretary, Scholarship
Tracy Smiles, Events
Judy Stahl, Membership
Joe Vicicca, Scholarship


The Executive Board of DWPA meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 2:00pm at the Yavapai Democratic Headquarters.